Amina Claudine Myers Trio

Musical Offerings

Amina Claudine Myers solo (piano, voice and organ)

Amina Claudine Myers Trio (piano, voice, organ, drums and bass)

Amina Claudine Myer's Voice Choir (8 singers with organ, percussion and bass)

Amina Claudine Myer's Vocal Quartet with Instrumental Trio(organ, piano,  bass and drums)

Types of music for Piano, Electric Organ, Voice, Voice Choir, Pipe Organ, Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Orchestra:            

  • Jazz and Improvisations
  • Extended Forms
  • Blues
  • Gospel

Private Teaching 


1. Classical piano lesson (beginning with John Thompson Piano Books up to 5th grad). Beginning and        

   Advanced Studies of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and others.

2. Jazz Piano (scales, chord construction, improvisation, etc.) including Blues, Standards, etc.

3. Gospel Piano (Rhythm, learning to play hymns in the Gospel style and working on 

   Contemporary Gospel at the student's request if he or she is ready for this phase of the study)    

   Anthems are worked on if requested.

4. Voice lessons include but are not limited to:

   A.    Learning to breathe correctly from the diaphragm.

   B.    Strengthening the voice through vocal exercises which also extends the voice range, trains the  

         ear to hear intervals, etc. 

   C.    Work on songs from original composers (starting with the Blues and studying Blues history

         listening and singing the Blues.)

   D.    Work on standard songs and when ready students may bring in songs they want to sing, including

         Broadway, Show times, R&B, Gospel, etc.

   E.    Negro Spirituals are a part of the program for students just beginning to learn how to

         interpret different styles of music.

   F.    Students who are interested in putting together performance programs learn how to program their

         music, work on various kinds of music (Latin, Swing, Ballads).

   H.    For those who are interested in becoming a total musician and in control of their art learn to

         transpose songs when the need rises, learn how to read and make a lead sheet and if desires,

         learn basic piano, stage appearances, how to use a microphone, etc. 

 5. Techniques for playing the electric organ (Hammond B3)