Where I have been 

"Mama and me" -Amina 



Ms. Myers' has performed her music in countries worldwide including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, British Columbia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany,  Ghana, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Morocco, (The) Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia and Turkey.

There are eleven recordings released under Ms. Myers’ name:  SAMA ROU (Songs From My Soul),  piano and voice, Amina C Records;  AUGMENTED VARIATIONS, Solo piano and voice, Vocal Quartet with Instrumental Trio and the Amina Claudine Myers Trio,  Amina C Records;  AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS LIVE in Bremen, Germany, Tradition and Modern Records;  AMINA and IN TOUCH,  RCA Novus;  JUMPING IN THE SUGARBOWL and COUNTRY GIRL Minor Music;  THE CIRCLE OF TIME,  Black Saint;  AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS SALUTES BESSIE SMITH and SONG FOR MOTHER E,  Leo Records;  POEMS FOR PIANO, the piano music of Marion Brown, Sweet Earth Records.

Her larger works include: INTERIORS, a composition for chamber orchestra, conducted by Peter Kotik and performed by S.E.M. Orchestra.  This piece was produced by the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), and performed at the NYC Society of Ethical Culture;  IMPROVISATIONAL SUITE FOR CHORUS, PIPE ORGAN AND PERCUSSION;  for 16 operatic voices, pipe organ and two percussionists;  WHEN THE BERRIES FELL, eight voices, piano, Hammond B3 and percussion;  A VIEW FROM THE INSIDE, a staged piece showing the workings of the inside mind.  This included a chef from New Orleans and his assistant, a weaver, pianist, guitar/trumpet/voice (Olu Dara) and choreographer Rrata Christine Jones.  Original art work by Ms. Myers was on the set;  FOCUS, a piece written for piano, voice, electric bass and photographic images from Myers’ home town of Blackwell.  HOW LONG BRETHREN,  based on Negro Songs of Protest originally created by Helen Tamiris was recreated by choreographer Diane McIntyre.  The music score was created by Genevieve Pitot with original orchestra arrangements by Leslie Loth.  The orchestral score was discovered with instrumentation only.  Ms. Myers recreated and re-edited parts that were found in pieces from the archives of George Mason University.  She conducted the symphony orchestras with choruses (The Wesley Boyd Singers (Washington, D.C,) with performances at George Mason and Western Universities.  Myers has composed a few big band compositions performed by AACM musicians.  She has performed works written by writer Ntozake Shange and other new works created by Diane McIntyre. Myers has collaborated in ongoing concerts with her soul sister Sola Liu where they are combining Chinese and Afro-American music traditions through singing, playing and dancing.

She has performed at Columbia University (St. Paul’s Chapel) NYC; St. Marks, Phil., Penn. and cities throughout North America, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Norway and Finland. Ms. Myers has been performing original works of jazz, blues, gospel, spirituals and improvisations the pipe organ.

In 2010 Myers was commissioned by the Chicago Jazz Institute to compose and direct a composition for a 17 piece jazz orchestra in honor of the late and great composer, arranger and pianist Miss Mary Lou Williams’ 100th birthday.  She was also commissioned by Baritonist Thomas Buckner to compose a composition for him.  She titled it “I WILL NOT FEAR THE UNKNOWN”  for baritone and piano.  The performances were “lots of fun” says Myers.